5 Accidents A San Bernardino, Ca Truck Accident Attorney Has Seen

Being a truck driver in San Bernadino offers its own special set of challenges, compared to drivers of other commercial vehicles. With complicated operation and huge, almost clumsy build, the frequency of truck accidents is practically no surprise, and a San Bernardino, CA truck accident attorney in the area have practically seen it all.

Firstly, truck rollovers are a common accident on Californian roads. Whether or not these are the truckers’ fault, one may want to seek legal counsel in the event of one — as these typically involve so many people, because of 18 wheelers’ immense sizes and the chaos and uncontrollability of such vehicles once they’ve spun out of control. Typically, truck rollovers are caused by slick surfaces or improper wheels that struggle to grip the road. Fatigue, speeding, impairments, and etc can all be factors in these types of accidents.

Second: jack knife accidents. These are so named because of their similarity to the action of bending a pocket knife — the bottom part, usually the trailer, swings against the main body, or the truck. Trailer swing accidents or jack knife accidents are very often caused by icy, slick road conditions, but can also occur as a result of system malfunctions (both causes are fairly common).

Third are rear ends. Of course, not an accident especially likely to occur with trucks, but a San Bernardino, CA truck accident attorney see these particularly often. Because of the immense size of a truck, especially one carrying a large load, these accidents can cause a considerable amount of damage to the other party, or even to the truck itself. About 7 out of every 40 truck accidents are rear endings, according to the FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration).

Fourth of the most common San Bernardino, CA truck accident attorneys to see are lost loads. A failure for truck drivers to accomplish one of the most intrinsic duties of their occupation, lost loads are a devastatingly common place truck accident. It is fairly easy to allow this accident to take place; it only takes a moment of negligence, forgetting to check to resecure a load a single time, for drivers to experience this sort of high way catastrophe. Simply having an improperly secured load can incur serious fines, as well, and the accident can be long lasting in effect, as initial collisions are followed by additional ones as drivers fail to remove leftover accident debris, or as initial debris carries.

Lastly, a San Bernardino, CA truck accident attorney sees T – boning between trucks and other drivers particularly often. One of the most fatal and devastating of all truck accidents, these account for almost half of all deadly crashes in the United States, per year. Running a red light, running a stop sign, and other intersection related failures are some of the most common causes of T Boning. Neck and head injuries, expulsion from the vehicle, death, and pelvic/ torso related injuries are all fairly common results of truck t boning.


7 Ways An Injury Attorney Can Get Financial Compensation

After an injury it can be hard to keep up with medical bills and household bills due to time off from work because of the injury and the cost of medical care even if you have healthcare insurance. However hiring an Injury Attorney can help with these headaches and get the relief the injured person needs. Listed here are just a few ways an attorney can help get compensation for an injury.


An Injury Attorney can help file a lawsuit against the liable party to gain compensation for injuries. This can be as simple as a couple hours in court to determine what compensation the injured party in entitled to through several months in court when the responsible party denies liability. Either way the expertise of a trained attorney can be very valuable and can take quite a bit of stress off the injured party.

Out of court settlement

This is a procedure where the Injury Attorney takes the time to speak with the responsible party and creates a legally binding deal outside of a court hearing. This deal will more than likely be for less than what the court could have awarded to the complaining party; however it will more than likely save time and money for both parties and should be considered. Out of court settlements generally take less time than a court hearing while still providing compensation for the injury.

Help with filing for Worker’s Compensation

Filing a Worker’s Compensation complaint can be confusing and time consuming without representation from a trained Injury Attorney. Without the help of an attorney it is more than likely a claim will be denied. An Attorney can help to gather all the information needed while the injured party recovers from their injury.

Help filing an Insurance Claim

Some insurance companies will not allow the claim to be processed through them if the injury happened while on the clock at work or under other circumstances. An Injury Attorney can help file the claim through the correct channels. It may be a case where the injured party’s personal insurance is responsible for part of the medical costs, or they are responsible for paying out the whole cost. Again this all depends on where the injury took place. If the injured person’s insurance company is fighting a claim the attorney can be the one to look into the claim and converse with the insurance company about how to fix the concerning issue.

Getting Medical Bills Only Paid

Sometimes the only compensation available is medical bills. A trained attorney will be able to look at the case realistically and make a determination what kind of compensation is allowed in the case. Injured persons tend to look for more compensation than the law allows either due to unrealistic expectations or just plain bad advice. An Attorney can make clear what compensation one is entitled to and then be legal mean obtain this compensation.

Council to Council Meetings

Like the out of court settlement there is no court hearing but rather a meeting between the Injury Attorney and the attorney for the respondent (responsible party). This meeting can be one meeting or a series of meetings to negotiate fair and reasonable compensation for the injured party.

Binding or Non-binding Arbitration

Arbitration can be a great tool for both parties. An Injury Attorney may suggest arbitration as a means of keeping everyone out of court. There is a difference between Binding and Non-binding Arbitration. Binding Arbitration is when the parties involved sit down with the help of council and work out a solid agreement that will become legally binding. Both parties will agree that the agreement for compensation will be the only agreement and they will not take each other to court on the same matter as it has been decided by the Arbitrator to be fair and reasonable. Non-binding Arbitration is where both parties and council try to work out a deal that is fair and reasonable without the help of the courts. In Non- binding Arbitration the decision by the Arbitrator is not final and the issues can go to court is a consensus is not reached.

These seven options are not the only options and discussion should be had with a licensed Injury Attorney for these and other options.


Why A San Bernardino Auto Accident Attorney Doesn’t Care If You Have Insurance?

A San Bernardino auto accident attorney doesn’t care if you have insurance if you were injured in an accident. If someone caused you injuries they are required to pay damages to your property and help with the expenses you incurred because you were injured. The law does require that anyone operating a vehicle in the United States have at minimum liability insurance so if you receive a ticket your lawyer cannot request your ticket be paid as a part of your settlement. Getting a ticket does not mean that the accident was your fault; it simply means that at the time of the accident you broke the law.

If you drive without insurance you can face fines up to $5,000; your license can be suspended, d you can face jail time in some states. Most of the time if you are driving someone else’s care you will be covered. A police officer will only want to know that there is insurance on the vehicle you are driving in most cases.

Regardless of if you have insurance a San Bernardino auto accident attorney can help you bring a civil suit against the person that is at fault in an accident. The police can help determine who is at fault, the person at fault may admit their guilt, or eye witnesses may help prove who is at fault during an accident. If you are the victim of an accident having insurance is not a requirement for getting a settlement or judgment. However if you are at fault and do not have insurance you will be required to pay for property damage and injuries out of pocket.

If you are at fault and do not have insurance the passengers in the other car can go after any of your assets which can include your savings, future earnings, your home or other property. It will be hard for you to get insurance in the future because you will be an at risk driver. These drivers usually pay higher premiums because of any number of previous infractions.

If someone hits you and they do not have insurance the only way to recoup your losses is to file a civil lawsuit against the at fault party. A San Bernardino auto accident attorney will help you determine the best method of recourse when the other person is not insured.

If you feel that you won’t be able to recoup any of your damages or loss from an uninsured motorist, if you have uninsured motorist insurance you will be able to file a claim on your own insurance. In any event talking with a San Bernardino auto accident attorney will be beneficial to determine what legal rights you have after an accident.


5 Questions To Ask Criminal Defense Attorneys

There are many questions which should be considered when looking to hire Criminal Defense Attorneys; however the questions listed here are the top five questions that should be asked above all others.

What is the Attorney’s reputation and what is their loss to win rate?

This is important in choosing Criminal Defense Attorneys. How they represent you is just as important as being represented. Can you expect to have the zealous representation afforded to you by the constitution or is the attorney lacking in litigation skills? This is important in any case but particularly important when you are looking at some kind of prison time.

How long has the Attorney practices Criminal Law?

Asking this question when looking for Criminal Defense Attorneys can be a quick determiner of who you will hire. It is important that there is experience in Criminal defense; no one wants a Divorce Attorney representing them in a Criminal case. There is no experience and the laws are different in each type of case.

What kind of experience does the Attorney have?

This is important for the same reason knowing about how long the Attorney has practiced Criminal Defense Law. It is important to know if the Criminal Defense Attorneys you are looking at have the experience with the type of case you need defense in. If the attorney has only ever handled criminal trespassing cases then hiring them for a murder case would be a bad idea as they have never had experience with a murder trial. Along with case experience has the attorney ever been to trial or has it all been bench hearing they have dealt with? This is important to know if you are planning on a jury trial verses a bench trial.

Does the Attorney have a trial strategy in mind for your case?

While interviewing Criminal Defense Attorneys you should give details about what the charges are and ask the attorney what they believe the best strategy is for your case. Asking this question will let you know if you and the attorney are on the same page about your defense. This is important so there are no surprises in trial about how the attorney will handle your case.

How much the Attorney’s services will cost and when is payment due?

It is important to know you can afford the attorney you choose to represent you. Fees vary from attorney to attorney. If you cannot afford the attorney you choose ask them if they know another attorney in your price range that will represent you with the same zeal as the attorney you want. The other part of this question is when is payment due? If the payment is due at the time services are retained this can pose possible problems for you as a client if you do not have the money up front. Payment can be more manageable if the attorney will accept payments.

These five questions will help to determine the right Attorney for your case. Please do not hesitate to ask more questions if you have them. Attorneys are there to assist you with your case.


Why To Call A San Bernardino Personal Injury Attorney

Personal injuries can come from nearly anything and everything. You can get hurt in a car accident, get injured in a private or public area or get an injury while at work, having something go wrong during a surgery or a medical malpractice… Typically anywhere you can get injured.

There are plenty of reasons as to why one should go about calling a San Bernardino personal injury attorney. Quite a few of them being: Repetitive strain injuries, any chest diseases, asbestosis, mesothelioma, and of course the few mentioned above; medical reasons, work related injuries and traffic accidents – among many others.

As long as you believe that the injury you’ve sustained deserves to be compensated for any amount of expenses, then you should call a San Bernardino personal injury attorney. You can talk to them about your injury, about how you got it and who or what was involved (for example: a doctor, a stranger, your employer, etc.) and even represent you if you decide to take your case to court. They can even represent you if another person is accusing you of negligence.

However, not every injury will require you to call and immediately hire a San Bernardino personal injury attorney, but depending on how severe your injury is, then it may be wise to get the help you need.

Also, you might just need an attorney because of all the complex legal issues and rules that are tied in to your specific case or even because of the severity of the injuries you have sustained, which may cause your compensation to vary from the usual. Even for simple things such as when the person or insurance company refuses to settle the case in an easy manner. An insurance company or even a Government agency might refuse to make any type of fair settlement offer, and in that case, the attorney can help you in that situation, which is better than attempting to go it alone.

Remember that even with the great help of a San Bernardino personal injury attorney, as you strive for reimbursement, that it is very common to get pushed back from these expenses. Mostly some companies will try to avoid paying more than what they already need to and will always be sure to check that all the expenses are valid.

Be sure to keep all of your receipts, documents and such. San Bernardino personal injury attorneys have the experience necessary to dealing and working with insurance providers to be able to get the highest possible settlement amount for their clients. They also do have experience in obtaining compensation for general damages which are quite difficult to determine (i.e., Mental anguish or pain and suffering.).

This is why a San Bernardino personal injury attorney needs to be contacted, because they will help and assist you in any way they are able to, whether it is for having trouble with paying for things like medical bills and/or damages you may have caused, or obtaining your claim from your personal injury.